Established in 2010, Take2Jax is focused on providing relevant second-chance opportunities for People, Places, and Things because we know living life isn’t always easy. 

PEOPLE are faced with challenges constantly. Addiction and it’s related afflictions are particularly difficult. We know this and reach out; providing gainful temporary employment in a work environment supportive of recovery. 

Abandoned, run-down PLACES are everywhere. Especially here in the urban core of Jacksonville, Florida. Many are well-built; mostly, just in need of care and repair. This is where Take2Jax can help. Assisting in the acquisition, rehabilitation and maintenance of real estate in the Historic Springfield District.

In collaboration with our people, and places, we’ve built a fun business of collecting some of the THINGS left behind - fashioning them for reuse through a host of traditional and modern platforms.


I think what the people do here is outstanding! I would love to visit I think my city needs this!

Bridget Hamby Hendrix

Super impressed by Take2Jax's mission and their wide selection of collectibles and antiques! Super cool!

Kiley Carter

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